to the 2nd International Conference

“Reading and Literacy in Education and Culture”

(On the Outcomes of the United Nations Literacy Decade “Education for All”)

The Conference will be held March 29-30, 2012 in Moscow at the Russian State Library for Children (1, Kaluzhskaya Square)

The Conference will be hosted by the Reading Association of Russia and the Russian State Library for Children with the collaboration and support of

o   the International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC) of the International Reading Association,

  The Scientific Center of Studies of the Book Culture History, Nauka Publishers’ Scientific and Production Association, (Russian Academy of Sciences),

o   Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communication,

o   Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education.

The Conference will be an international forum for teachers, educators, psychologists, librarians, researchers and practitioners to exchange the latest research, results and ideas on the following topic areas:

·        Reading and Literacy in Psychological, Pedagogical and Social Context. Education and Person Development.

·        Reading, Reading Competence and Reading Development: Diagnosis, Reading Difficulties and Intervention Programmes.

·        Literacy and Literacies. Literacy Competence. Reading from Print and from Screen.

·        Cooperation and Partnership in Culture, Education, Publishing and Book Distribution. Reading promotion. International projects and Initiatives.

·        Language Arts, Diversity and Multiculture. Reading and Literacy in Mother Tongue, Second and Foreign Languages.

The Programme of the Conference:

29 March, 2012 – Plenary Meeting

30 March, 2012 – Sessions, Workshops.

31 March  2012 (at request) - School  visits.

The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

Non-English speaking presenters are requested to provide an English version of their handouts or an English presentation to facilitate communication.

The Conference Organizing Committee invites submission of proposals on the topics of interest of the Conference and encourages the submission of research papers .

The book of proposals will be published before the Conference .

The proposals should not exceed 3 pages: format A4, 12 point font size; 1,5 line spacing. Footnotes at the bottom of the page are not to be used, references if needed at the end of the proposal. All submissions will be carefully and anonymously reviewed by the Conference Organizing Committee.

All proposals must be submitted by e-mail  rusreadorg@gmail.com (“conference”). Deadline for submission: 15 January, 2012.

Presenters will be informed about review outcome  by e-mail by February 15, 2012.

The 5th issue of the journal HOMO LEGENS  funded by RAR will be published on the proceedings of the Conference. To be published in the journal the participants should submit papers to the editing committee (B.V., Biryukov, O.A. Borisova). Deadline for submission: 10 May, 2012.

Registration fee:

  before 15 February     2012

  after 15 February 2012 

    Regular participant   

         50 €

           100 €

Registration fee includes conference materials and participation in  conference sessions , workshops and other events .

Registration fees should be transferred to the bank account which will be given in Information Letter N 2 before 25 December, 2011.

To register for the conference, fill in the

Registration Form:

1. Dr./Mr./ Mrs./Ms. 

2. Family name.

 3. First  name(s).

 4. Country, city.

 5. IRA affiliation.

 6. Work place.

 7. Position.

For further information, contact the Organizing Committee rusreadorg@gmail.com